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Corporate Social Responsibility

Donation By Diversion & Community Partnerships

The Center's Diversion by Donation Program was created to divert waste left by conventions into the hands of community organizations and away from local landfills. The re-purposing of items such as furniture, convention tote bags, pens, notepads, building materials and a variety of other items are made use of in not-for-profit organizations. Relationships have been built with many popular organizations including the Maryland Food Bank, as well as, lessor known partners like the Teacher Supply Swap, a local organization that provides access to free educational materials for teachers and students.

Since its inception, three short years ago, the program has grown substantially by building relationships with organizations across the City of Baltimore. Please take the time to visit and learn about our community partners:

The Buzz at The BCC

The Baltimore Convention Center has teamed up with Urban Beekeeping Company, Alveole to install two beehives on the Center’s roof. This organization’s mission is to reconnect cities across the globe with sustainable programs such as beekeeping and educational environmental trainings. Since 2013 Alveole has connected over 100,000 people with bees creating opportunities for education as well as opportunities to increase pollinators in urban areas leading to a healthier greener environment.

In the fall of 2022, two professional beekeepers were assigned to our facility for installment and maintenance visits. They brought over 70,000 bees and placed bee hotels on the roof on the east side of the building. Both beehives further the Center's mission of creating a more sustainable environment and bring many benefits including:

• Education highlighting the importance of this species and all pollinators
• More pollinators growing the city’s ecosystem
• Honey for our catered meals
• A repurpose of our unused space

Since the installment of our colonies, the seasons have changed meaning beekeeping season has been undergoing hibernation. The Center is getting close to beginning beekeeping season and is excited for all the buzz. To stay updated with the BCC's Beehive click below!

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