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FAQ for Re-opening


Is The Baltimore Convention Center Opened for Events?

  • With the lifting of restrictions by the State of Maryland and Mayor Brandon Scott, the Baltimore Convention Center began welcoming back events in July of 2021. The mask mandate for all City facilities will be lifted on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. With the lifting of this mandate, masking will be at the discretion of our clients, employees and guests and guidelines may vary by event. Please reach out to your BCC Sales Manager or Convention Services Manager with any questions. For additional information on COVID-19 measures in the City of Baltimore visit this page.

What Measures Have Been Taken By The Destination To Ensure There Is A Cohesive COVID-19 Response?

  • While the Center is currently not under meeting restrictions surrounding capacities, the Baltimore Convention Center continues to be in close contact with City and State officials and our partners at Visit Baltimore sharing information and adhering to current CDC Guidelines that mitigate the spread of the virus. You may visit Maryland’s COVID-19 Response Page here and the City of Baltimore’s COVID-19 Response Page here.
  • Our partners at Visit Baltimore have taken the lead for Baltimore’s hospitality industry, providing resources and opportunities for local hotels and attractions.

What Medical Facilities In The Area Are Equipped To Handle Emergencies?

What Steps Will Be Taken To Ready The Space Utilized As A Federal Medical Station Upon Its Closure?

  • The Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital closed its doors to patients and began demobilizing on June 15, 2021.
  • A hospital grade “Terminal Cleaning” process occurred and was certified as disinfected under the supervision of The University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Hospital. “Terminal Cleaning” refers to the medical standard practice of sanitizing a space. This practice is in use for operating rooms, infectious disease wards, and other environments where contagious diseases may have been present.

What New Sanitation Measures Are Being Taken By The Baltimore Convention Center?

The Baltimore Convention Center has implemented the following sanitation measures for the re-opening of our facility, each with the health and safety of our guests in mind:

  • The Baltimore Convention Center received a GBAC STARtm accreditation for facilities in September of 2020. Our ongoing commitment to training and education includes certification of more than 60 employees as Certified Custodial Technicians through ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.
  • We have more than doubled our sanitizing availability throughout the facility. Our lobbies, public spaces, and other high traffic areas are equipped with stations offering both hand gel and disinfecting wipes.
  • Our hand sanitizers are made with 70% ethanol germicidal efficacy, 10% higher than the FDA recommendations.
  • Employees responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the building are undergoing training and certification through the ISSA- Clean Management Institute Certified Custodial Technician Program.
  • High touch points in public spaces, including doorknobs, elevator controls, escalator rails, and restrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent, ongoing, basis.
  • Electrostatic sprayers have been put into use for sanitizing the facility and we continue to explore the best methods and equipment available.
  • Our catering partner Sodexo Live! has also made a significant investment in the safety of their service including the following:
    • All new point-of-sale cash registers to give customers the option of a touchless transaction. These POS systems will be available at every outlet and will include capabilities for Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with tap to pay technology. Receipt options will be available via text or e-mail.
    • Barriers at all concessions have been installed
    • Touchless coffee urns are available for coffee breaks.
    • Auto-fill bottle water fountains have been installed throughout the facility near restrooms for easy access.

What Measures Are Being Taken Regarding Air Quality?

  • We improved our indoor air quality by increasing the volume of outdoor air we bring into the
  • Bi-polar ionization devices were installed in our air handling units to breakdown and eliminate
    volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) within the facility.
  • To ensure the cleanest air quality possible, all of our air handlers are being upgraded with MERV-16 hospital grade air filters for the highest level of particulate capture.

What Measures Are Being Taken To Monitor The Health Of Your Staff?

  • The Baltimore Convention Center is taking the lead from the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland to ensure that our workplace is in compliance with the most recent social distancing guidelines.
  • Before starting work for the day, every employee is required to have their temperature taken and be screened using the Emocha App. Emocha uses short, virtual check-ins to identify, track, and manage COVID-19 symptoms of employees to enable an effective return-to-work strategy. Any employee showing signs of possible exposure are sent home or are required to not come into work if utilizing the app prior coming on site. Employees on duty are equipped with masks, gloves, and other personal protection equipment necessary to perform their tasks.

How Will Movement Be Monitored Inside The Facility To Ensure Social Distancing Measures Are Being Followed?

  • While we are no longer under restrictions we are working closely with each client to craft a plan for their event that addresses any concerns for healthy and safe meetings. Those plans may include but are not limited to plans for movement, traffic flow, and meeting layouts that promote social distancing according to the specific needs of the client.

Is the Baltimore Convention Center Offering Discounts for Meetings That Take Place In-Person and If additional Space is Needed for Social Distancing, Will Pricing Differ?

  • The Baltimore Convention Center is committed to ensuring our clients are able to hold a successful event, conference, tradeshow or convention. Our Sales Managers will work with you to re-evaluate discounts offered and space needed at no or reduced price whenever possible based on revised attendance numbers and exhibitor participation.
  • The Center will make every effort to extend additional space to accommodate social distancing practices. This includes exhibit halls, meeting rooms, Ballroom areas and pre-function space that may be needed. Please direct all questions to your Center Sales Manager for availability.

Are In-Person Site Visits Currently Taking Place?

  • The Center is currently offering both in-person and virtual site tours of our space. Please contact your Sales Manager or Convention Services Manager to schedule this.

What Are the Protocols For On-site Visits?

All visitors will be required to follow the below protocols while in the building:

  • Health Check Questionnaire: All employees, contractors and visitors entering the Baltimore Convention Center are required to complete a Health Check Questionnaire designed to detect any signs of COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. This questionnaire includes temperature screening. If you have recently been exposed to someone with the virus or show symptoms or have a fever, please reschedule your visit for a more appropriate time.
  • Face Coverings: Face coverings may be worn at your discretion. Guidelines may vary by event. Please discuss with your BCC Sales Manager or Convention Services Manager.
  • Parking: We will make every effort to accommodate your parking needs. We will provide you with the location and directions. We will require vehicle information prior to your arrival (make, model, tag number) and we will prepare a parking pass for you.
  • Public Safety: The Public Safety entrance is being used for our site visits. Upon entry you will be asked to take the Health Check Questionnaire. After the questionnaire is completed we will begin walking the space. There are hand-sanitizing stations throughout the building for your convenience.

Is There a Limit to the Number of People Who Can be Included in the Visit?

  • Yes, please limit the number of site participants to ensure social distancing is possible. Attendance will be limited to 10 people or less, which also includes the Center and Visit Baltimore staff members.

Virtual Site Tours
Our Virtual Site Tours are produced for each client. The recorded walk-through will be presented on a WebEx meeting site. Please be sure to give us adequate advance notice when scheduling your virtual tour so we can ensure a customized experience.

  • Planning partners from Sodexo Live!, Edlen, Projection and MC Dean can also be available to discuss any operational detail needed. Please be sure to let us know in advance so we can schedule the representatives who will be joining the tour.

Our sales team is working closely with our business partners to develop innovative, hybrid meeting packages that combine the latest technologies available for semi-virtual meetings. If you are interested in learning more about Re-opening plans taking place at the Baltimore Convention Center with you in mind, please visit our site to speak to a member of our Sales Team.

This document will be updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up-to-date information is readily available. LAST UPDATE: 3/1/2020

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