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FAQ for Re-opening


    What Measures Have Been Taken By The Destination To Ensure There Is A Cohesive COVID-19 Response?

    • Since the onslaught of the Novel Corona Virus the Baltimore Convention Center has been in close contact with City and State officials and our partners at Visit Baltimore to ensure our efforts are in synch for providing a uniform front in defeating the spread of the virus. You can visit this page to see each measure we have taken along the way.
    • You may visit Maryland’s COVID-19 Response Page here and the City of Baltimore’s COVID-19 Response Page here.
    • Our partners at Visit Baltimore have taken the lead for Baltimore’s hospitality industry, providing resources and opportunities for local hotels and attractions.

    What Medical Facilities In The Area Are Equipped To Handle Emergencies?

    What Steps Will Be Taken To Ready The Space Utilized As A Federal Medical Station Upon Closure?

    • A hospital grade “Terminal Cleaning” process will occur and be certified as disinfected under the supervision of The University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Hospital. “Terminal Cleaning” refers to the medical standard practice of sanitizing a space. This practice is in use for operating rooms, infectious disease wards, and other environments where contagious diseases may have been present.

    What New Sanitation Measures Are Being Taken By The Baltimore Convention Center?

    The Baltimore Convention Center has implemented the following sanitation measures for the reopening of our facility, each with the health and safety of our guests in mind:

    • We have more than doubled our sanitizing availability throughout the facility. Our lobbies, public spaces, and other high traffic areas are equipped with stations offering both hand gel and disinfecting wipes.
    • Our hand sanitizers are made with 70% ethanol germicidal efficacy, 10% higher than the FDA recommendations.
    • Employees responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the building are undergoing training and certification through the ISSA- Clean Management Institute Certified Custodial Technician Program.
    • Touch points in public spaces, including doorknobs, elevator controls, escalator rails, and restrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent, ongoing, basis.
    • Electrostatic sprayers are being put into place use for in sanitizing the facility and we continue to explore the best methods and equipment available.

    What Measures Are Being Taken Regarding Air Quality?

    • To ensure the cleanest air quality possible, all of our air handlers are being upgraded with MERV-16 hospital grade air filters for the highest level of particulate capture.
    • Our building is being supplied with increased outside air intake to ensure the freshest air circulation possible regardless of the time of year.
    • In partnership with Honeywell, we are working to expedite upgrades to our building systems to potentially include electrostatic filters and ultra-violet duct treatment technologies.

    What Measures Are Being Taken To Monitor The Health Of Your Staff?

    • The Baltimore Convention Center is taking the lead from the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland to ensure that our workplace is in compliance with the most recent social distancing guidelines.
    • Before starting work for the day, every employee must complete a Health Check Questionnaire designed to detect any signs of COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. Any employee showing signs of possible exposure are sent home.
    • Employees on duty will be equipped with masks, gloves, and other personal protection equipment necessary to perform their tasks with the health of the employee and everyone they come into contact with in mind.

    How Will Movement Be Monitored Inside The Facility To Ensure Social Distancing Measures Are Being Followed?

    • We are currently crafting new policies and procedures to address movement, traffic flow, and meeting layout throughout the facility that will promote social distancing according to the recommendations provided by the State of Maryland.
    • We are taking safety precautions in every area of the facility with the understanding that each event is unique. Our staff will work with clients individually to customize a plan that fits their specific event needs.

    What Changes Are Being Made Inside The Facility To Ensure Social Distancing?

    Several areas of our facility are being redesigned with social distancing in mind.

    • We are making changes to our public spaces by rearranging furniture and other non-stationary items to ensure social distancing during breaks in our lobbies.
    • Changes are being made to the layout of our meeting rooms, ballrooms, and retail concession areas to promote safety at all times.
    • Our sales team is working closely with our business partners to develop innovative, hybrid meeting packages that combine the latest technologies available for semi-virtual meetings.

    If you are interested in learning more about the new plans taking place at the Baltimore Convention Center with you in mind, please visit to speak to a member of our Sales Team.

    This document will be updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up-to-date information is readily available. LAST UPDATE: 05/22/2020

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